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Welcome to the official website of Gerald G! GERALD G, currently working on his own long play after several years of featuring and guesting with top Deejays, including the Bodybangers, Dj Bryce and many others, taking a step further towards his own personal music style.  He  released the infectious collaboration with Max K, on Sony Records, Take it to the Limit. He reached top 100 charts in both the Netherlands and France in 2012 and with DDC and DDP entries in both Germany and Austria, He made incredible strides in the world of EDM.  The dynamic performer is set to spark up the club circut this summer 2014.  



About Gerald G!

Gerald G!, excludes confidence, as he has graced stages for the past five years backing up well known Dance Diva Terri B! and collaborationon his own club records as he prepared for his first solo album in 2012. His mature sexy swag is familiar and special. His voice leaves you wanting more. Gerald G! reached the No.1 spot with his first dance release with DJ Bryce on the Viva Video Charts, his charisma and charm only elevates his well trained vocals and his dynamic stage presence.

Gerald has joined several tours and festivals promoting his long awaited release and it is sure to delight. The 23 year old singer/songwriter is as confortable with an accapella performance or standing in from on his live five piece band.



Bookings or production request contact [email protected]


  • 10.08.2013 TERRI B! GREEN PROJECT ft. Toddi Reed and Gerald G!
  • 31.08.2013 Amsterdam listen2house kickoff with the HOUSECRUNCH
  • 12.09.2013 ANTALYA, TURKEY with TERRI B! and Toddi Reed
  • 19.09.2013 DIAMOND NIGHTS, Hamburg
  • 28.09.2013 private event blankenese, hamburg with TGP
  • 15.10.2013 Czech Republic corporate event with TERRI B! GREEN
  • 17-19. 10.2013 ADE , AMSTERDAM
  • 21.11.2013 Diamond Nights Aspria Lifestyle clubs hamburg, Germany
  • 13.03.2014 - 14.03.2014 Yuzhno Sakalinsk People's Club Birthday party
  • 02.04.2014 private event hamburg with Terri Green Project 
  • 10.05.2014 private engagement HAMBURG , GERMANY
  • 17.05.2014 Eppendorfer Strassenfest with TERRI GREEN PROJECT
  • 20.06.2014 Berlin , Duckstein 
  • 07.07.2014 private event with TERRI B! , PRAGUE, CZECH Republic
  • 15.08.2014 Kiel, Duckstein